Frequently Asked Questions.


Our premium razor blades are produced in Germany from high quality Swedish steel.

Each razor cartridge consists of 5 evenly spaced blades for your smooth shave.

You will receive 8 razor blades with each recurring delivery. Your first free handle delivery (only R99.00 for delivery and shipment to Major Centres in South Africa) will include one razor blade.

Order and Delivery

Your first order will be dispatched the next business day.

All orders will be shipped the next business day after you order or your renewal delivery is due based on your selected shaving plan. We will email you before we ship your renewal orders.

We are working with a local courier service, which will deliver your next Shaving Grace razor blade box within two to four working days.

Once your order is shipped, we will send you an email with a link, which allows you to track your order.

Yes, you can change your delivery address online prior to each shipment. Simply log into account and update your delivery address.

We will email you before every delivery to let you know that your Shaving Grace razor blade box is ready for shipment. You can cancel, skip and change your future delivery dates online at any time before the shipment date. Simple log into your account and manage your next deliveries.

All orders delivered require a signature. Somebody in your home or work needs to confirm receipt of our delivery. The best is to have your razor blades delivered to your work place, if possible.

We currently deliver to South Africa only. All ongoing shipments to major South Africa centres are free of charge. Deliveries to outlying areas attract a delivery charge of R 80.00 only.

Of course you can. Simply purchase an online gift voucher, select the amount and email straight to your friend or family with a personal message. We will email you as soon as your friend or family has redeemed your gift voucher.

We do not accept returns due to the nature of the product. If you dissatisfied with our razor blades after a couple of shaves, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Shaving Plan

It’s simple. Just order your free reusable razor handle including one blade. You only pay R 99.00 for delivery and shipment (major centres in South Africa). We will then ship your first Shaving Grace box with 8 premium razor blades 14 days later. Thereafter, you will receive your next Shaving Grace boxes with 8 blades every two, three or five months depending on your shaving plan selected during sign-up, i.e. your shaving frequency. The more frequently you shave the sooner we deliver your next Shaving Grace box. We will email you before we ship your next order. Don’t worry, you can cancel, pause and modify your future delivery frequency online any time.

Sure you can. You can cancel your plan online at any point in time. Further, you can cancel, pause and change your future razor blade deliveries by simple logging into your account anytime.

Yes, of course. Should your shaving frequency change, you can modify your plan to receive future razor blades delivery within shorter or longer periods. Simply log into your account and adjust the frequency at which you receive future shipments. We ship every two, three or five months – up to you.


We accept VISA and MasterCard payments through our secure payment gateway. Further, we accept gift voucher and referral credits as payment of your orders.

Simply log into your account and enter the gift voucher or discount code before check-out and payment.

If you refer friends who sign up with Shaving Grace, we will automatically credit R100.00 for each friend referred to your account. We will deduct R100.00 off each of your payments for future deliveries. Please note that the maximum amount per future delivery is limited to R100.00. The more friends you refer the more future deliveries will be discounted by R100.00.

The R1.00 on your credit card is just an authorisation – not an actual charge. Is just to make sure that the credit card is an actual valid card.

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