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Premium quality German engineered razor blades delivered to your door at a fraction of the price of local retailers.

You found your Shaving Grace:

  • A metal core handle with a fantastic grip
  • Five stainless steel blades in each cartridge plus a lubricaton strip
  • Delivered to your door every two, three or five months depending on how often you shave.
  • Only R298 for 8 blade cartridges with free shipping to major centres
  • Cancel or change your deliveries at any time.

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What's on offer?

Starter Kit

You get one handle with a premium quality 5 blade razor cartridge.


Only pay for shipping and delivery

R 99.00
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Ongoing Blades

8 premium quality 5-blade razor cartridges delivered to your door.


Depending how often you shave, you receive 8 blades every two, three or five months with free delivery .

You can cancel, pause or modify your subscription anytime.

R 298.00

How it works


Order free handle

Order your free premium quality razor handle including blade for free online. Only pay R 99.00 for delivery and shipment .


Choose your Shaving Plan

Let us know how often you shave. Receive 8 blade cartridges every two, three or five months. You can change this any time.


No long term commitments

Cancel, change your frequency or next delivery date at any time.

We will send you an e-mail 7 days prior to new shipment so you can make changes if needed.


More than just Razors

No need to go to shops and buy overpriced razor blades. It does not get more convenient. Have your premium blades delivered for free and never run out.